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Brains versus Capital - eBook (ePub)

Brains versus Capital - eBook (ePub)
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Many believe they know how to do it, but very few actually try. Even fewer succeed. There is something wrong in the way we go about starting new companies. There is an alternative: create your own idea-masterpiece as a collage or puzzle made from existing pieces; construct your company from pre-existing components that are freely available to everyone.

Keep your mind free for the important questions. Look to the horizon; don t drown in routine tasks. Is this just a dream? No, it isn t: with practical examples of successful companies, Guenter Faltin shows how anyone can refine an idea to create a new company, by combining components that already exist. Accounting and bookkeeping? Leave it to those who can do it quickly, reliably and economically. Shipping, packaging and logistics? You can easily find professionals for these tasks.

Guenter Faltin has been teaching this approach for many years, and he has applied it with great success in his 'Teekampagne' (Tea Campaign). The largest mail-order tea company in Germany, it has over 200,000 customers and is the largest importer of Darjeeling Tea in the world. A growing number of companies created in Professor Faltin's surroundings uses his principles successfully. This book opens up vistas of opportunity for many people who never thought they would start their own company. Entrepreneurship is not a calling for a select few! Creative work and economic self-realization are goals that anyone can pursue.

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